Sometime late afternoon on November 19th, 1984, something monumental occurred. It was a Monday, under the sign of Scorpio, when a beautiful baby girl was born. She was named Schaumin Chanel Alexander. A bit dramatic I know, but I seriously couldn't help myself. People always ask me if "Chanel" is really my middle name, and the answer is why yes, yes it is! My mother simply chose my middle name due to the fact that she loved the Chanel No. 5 perfume. I always loved my middle name, and although I never knew it belonged to a fashion legend when I younger, I always thought it had a nice ring to it! I said all this to say that I have always been a fan of this fashion powerhouse for as long as I can remember. My admiration for the Chanel label does not begin and stop at the amazing bags and accessories, but the spirit behind this fashion industry staple.

The Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 collection takes the world on an adventure...literally! Turning the runway into an airport terminal, we quickly learn how to travel by Chanel standards. That's right, its time to send those comfy over-worn jogger pants and faded t-shirts back to fashion hell where they belong! Someone please cue the church organ music, and pass the offering plate around to collect for the get-SchauminChanel-her-new-Chanel-bag foundation! From now on we don beautifully draped suits and terminal screen-inspired printed mini-dresses and metallic ankle-boots because its the new travel standard of course! Check out the full fashion show below as well as the gallery, and don't forget to chime in the comment section with you thoughts!