Well hello my friends! From my very first post, you have probably figured out that I stray very far from the norm. Ever since birth, my internal clock has been ticking away in an almost backwards fashion. I suspect that I was a vampire or some other type of nocturnal creature in a past life, but I digress. At the wee hours of the morning (about 3:15AM to be exact), I found myself wide awake for no apparent reason at all. Instead of staring at my ceiling fan with the hopes of eventually dosing off, I opted to work on a sketch I created around the time I published my first book.

Unfortunately, most people unlike my self sleep at regular hours, and I found myself wishing I had someone to talk to while I work as I usually do in the day time. Usually a little music would do the trick to put my brain on auto pilot, but I didn't feel like digging through my Spotify playlist to find the right tunes. Hell, at this point I would have opted to listening to the infamous Chatty Cathy. Oh, You know the type- that one co-worker, neighbor, or friend who constantly beams about her 5 or more cats If that isn't enough, she never fails to not give a detailed account about her latest digestion issues due to THE latest fad diet she found on Pinterest. TMI much? -Sighs-

Either way, I had to do without conversation whether good or bad; but in a way I simply imagined that I had a creative genius like yourself sketching along with me! Well, in a non-creepy way of course. Oh dear, I suppose no matter how I spin that last line, it reads a bit weird. Don't judge me its very late...or early depending how you look at it. So anyway I thought it would be cool to create a video series every so often for fun showing my latest work process. I created the sketch in the video below using one of my new premium fashion Croquis templates "Leela", which is now available for purchase! Check it out:

So, what did you think? Yay, Nay, or somewhere in between? Either way I would love to know, so drop a line in the comments section below. Also be sure to SUBSCRIBE today, as I have some surprises and goodies in store for my subscribers only coming VERY soon. Be sure to check back often, as I will also have my first tutorial available soon.