What if I told you that there is a hidden secret inside of you that is so powerful that it can propel you enough to create a beautiful, well-designed Fashion Collection, and improve your overall creative process? This secret has always existed within all of us, and during our first few years of life, we all had unlimited access to it. As we grew into our “expected roles” in society, we naturally forget all about this secret, and eventually leave it locked and abandoned. This innate secret has many names. Some may refer to it as the alter ego, the higher self, creative muse, but I prefer to call your inner creative genius.

I remember the exact moment when I realized that I lost grip of my own creative genius. Months earlier I just moved to Los Angeles to work for the major retail giant Forever 21 as an Assistant Fashion Designer. It was a big deal for me, because although I interned with great companies, I always found myself being overlooked by the recruiters due to my inexperience and the fact that I lived in Georgia. I mean totally understood some of the reasoning behind the rejection, if you have qualified local talent, why would you want to go out of your way to hire outsiders? Knowing this, I felt the only way I can break out in this SUPER competitive field is to be different, unexpected, and bold.

I came up with a wild idea one while reading some random news article: I will create a portfolio magazine titled: "Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire Me". My friends thought I was a bit crazy, but I felt I had nothing to lose. This is something I wanted my whole life, to be a professional Fashion Designer working among the best, so I hoped Crazy would somehow come off as "the new cool look!" Needless to say, the physical magazine I snail mailed to my favorite retailers was a success, I received good responses, and the rest was history...or so I thought at the time.

                     FRESH FACES: Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire ME by Schaumin Alexander

                    FRESH FACES: Ten Reasons Why You Should Hire ME by Schaumin Alexander

Flash forward months later, and I found myself feeling bored, unsatisfied, and angry at the fact that I was so bored and unsatisfied. I mean how dare I sit here and not feel total bliss and gratitude while working for this mega company? This nagging feeling compelled me to look deeper into myself, and as I sat at my small desk overflowing with design samples and tech packs, I realized that in the process of chasing what I thought was my ultimate dream in life, I fell out of love with the one thing I loved the most: the raw creative process of fashion design. I lost my muse somewhere between the crowd of corporate office politics and my insistent ego driving me to be more like everyone else in order to succeed.

Long story short and many sleepless nights later, I was able to reconnect with inner creative genius. The process was far from easy, and I definitely had some bumps and bruises along the way for sure. I relocated back to Atlanta, GA, and took the risk of focusing on a freelance career which has been the most challenging and rewarding times of my life. I connect with great, ambitious business owners with big dreams and great ideas that I get to bring to life through my illustrations and detailed tech packs. I am a firm believer that every thing happens for a reason and wanted to use my experience to help other fashion designers both professional or beginners find their creative muse through Skillshare.

If you are unfamiliar with this awesome site, Skillshare is an online learning community for creators. Unlike traditional study, online classes at Skillshare are taught by industry experts and focus on learning by doing. The courses, which are not accredited, accept anyone who wants to learn, and are project-based. They have a wide range of classes on there, and I have an awesome deal for you to try Skillshare premium free for a month! They also have some free classes also that you can take to just get a feel of what Skillshare is about! This video below explains Skillshare's purpose really well also:

For the class I will be teaching, you will create a 3-5-look fashion collection inspired by your own creative genius or muse; but in a slightly untraditional way than many are used to. In this class, we will be looking at the process of Fashion design through a Spiritual lens. I will be there every step of the way, and take you on a guided journey to unlock your creative genius, renew your passion to design (if lost), and sketch a Fashion collection from the heart.

What you'll learn:

  • Identifying and analyze what is blocking your creative muse (Deconstruct).
  • Magnify and Analyze your talent (Shifting Perspectives)
  • Creative Rebirth (Create a story about your muse through a Moodboard).
  • Identify Your Muse Artifact (What is your Creative Totem)
  • Immersion experience (Bringing that muse to life)
  • Design and Sketch your 3-5 looks through the use of Croquis templates
  • Enhance the look of your designs in Photoshop with quick and easy steps.

This class will be taught through a series of short informative videos, workbooks, and great bonus goodies will be given such as free Premium Fashion Croquis templates, and a 20% off coupon code for my first book: The Fashion Designer's Ultimate Quick-Step Guide to Photoshop and Digital Painting. This course will go live early July, and I wanted you to be the first to know! So what do you think, are you in touch with your creative muse? Do you think that this skillshare course would be something that you would be interested in participating in? Leave a comment below and let me know! Also be sure to subscribe for weekly updates, goodies, and announcements!






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