Hello my fellow creators, long time no see right! Yes, I know it has been quite sometime since my last post, but just know it was for a good reason. I have a surprise for you at the end to make up for my absence, but for now I can explain why I have been MIA. I had stopped to smell the roses, and did a little soul searching, and not the kind that involves bottomless mimosas or lazy naps on the hammock. Oh, but wouldn’t that so nice! No but seriously, I was working diligently on the class I recently published on Skillshare: Fashion Design with Soul, which is a class focused on looking at the process of fashion design through a spiritual lens.

In other words, this class was created to help fashion designers shift their focus away from outer influences for inspiration, and look inward towards their muse for design direction. Fashion designers and their muses have always been talked about and well known in the industry, and most of the most celebrated fashion designers found their muses in a model or a public figure. Marc Jacobs for example viewed Kate Moss as a muse, Hubert de Givenchy’s muse was the ever-charming Audrey Hepburn, and Erin Wasson is known to be the muse for Alexander Wang.

how to find inspiration as a fashion designer.jpg

Although these fashion design legends gather their inspiration from these women, it is my belief that their muses are simply mirrors reflecting back the genius within them. Throughout my career in fashion, and even during my time in school as a fashion design student, I learned certain mainstay lessons like: figure drawing for fashion design, how to become a professional fashion designer, and how to design fashion that sells. The one lesson that I had to learn on my own was to create originally, and with my muse. I am almost embarrassed to say that it took me years to master my muse, months to stir her from her humdrum slumber, and weeks to bring her to life. So creating this class in a way was a chance to pay it forward to other super talented creative geniuses like you!

This Skillshare class comes complete with an over 40-page workbook, with a great resources, tips, guidance throughout the course. I also created a template via Adobe Illustrator for creating a geometric mood board in minutes, along with two complimentary fashion Croquis. I had so much fun creating this course, but by far my favorite part was the workbook. Check out the cover below:

Fashion Design with soul workbook skillshare

The key takeaways you need to know about this class is it basically comes in two major parts. The first part is primarily self-development, and the lessons are centered around the designer and regaining his or her creative power. The second part is all about the muse, and digital design. There are a few tutorials specifically about Photoshop for fashion design, and using Adobe Illustrator for fleshing out your fashion design ideas. I hate to go on shamelessly about how great this class is, so maybe this trailer video will help to provide the perfect visual:

As I stated earlier, I had a surprise for you at the end of this post, and the surprise is...drumroll please.... This class will be totally FREE until July 21st, 2015! So be sure to enroll ASAP! Simply click HERE to sign up, and get ready for some muse-inspired fun. So what did you think, do you have a main source of inspiration when you design? Let me know in the comments below!






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