So yesterday as I watched live show after show broadcasts, I decided to check out Twitter to observe everyone's thoughts on the collections premiered so far. On a side note, I seldom use Twitter, for some reason I find it hard to get into for a long period of time, but something told me the conversations would be buzzing with opinions. Wait, is this the part where I shamelessly tell you to follow me on twitter? Anywho, I saw someone's Instagram picture of a letter given by the art director of the highly anticipated Givenchy show. After reading her words, my interest was piqued even more, and I must say that I literally temporarily cut off most communication with the outside world off just to give my undivided attention. Here is a snippet of what the letter said:

The 11th of September is the most sad day in recent American history. As the artistic director, I want to create something respectful and humble. The location of the show, Pier 26, is significant because of its position and clear view of the Freedom tower. Constructing the set from recycled materials and debris means that it could be constructed and deconstructed without any waste. Our choice of music, from six different cultures and religions, has the power to unite people without discrimination. This event that we are creating together is about forgiveness, inclusiveness, new life, hope, and above all love.
— Love, Marina

Reading that short letter piqued my interest tremendously. Most people look at the fashion industry as superfluous, and in some cases I have to say that I agree with certain designers. This woman's words however solidified my philosophy which is that the creative process of fashion can be a spiritual one. Hence my latest online course "Fashion Design With Soul", now available on Skillshare.  I can go on and on about that subject in several posts, but in case you missed it, you can check out my thoughts on tapping into your creative genius here and here.

The show opened up to in the usual fashionably late form. but the Pre-Show was so mesmerizing that I almost didn't mind the wait. The performance art show had a very cinematic effect to it. The view of the glowing backdrop of the Hudson river, a performance by Marina Abramovic, and the performance from chanting monk while the sun slowly descended was awe-inspiring. Overall this meditative, spiritually-guided Pre-Show lasted a little over an hour past the scheduled time.

The collection captivates with its old world charm with its intricate variations of lace. It gave me a feeling of a sensual/romantic vibe with a slight hint of reserved glamour. The face jewelry and the embellishments added just enough balance to harden this delicate collection. I liked so many aspect of this show and collection, but what I loved most was the diverse set of models, the music was beautiful, and of course the overall set design. Check out the gallery below and see for yourself! Be sure to chime into the comment section below and let me know your thoughts! I will update this post most likely with the video, but just in case be sure to check out the Design In Session FACEBOOK PAGE for video uploads as well as our YOUTUBE channel.