Herve Leger shown on Saturday September 12th, so I am a tad bit delayed on this post, but this is not a reflection of my thoughts on this New York Fashion Week showing. I think the word "WOW" sums up my thoughts on this Herve Leger collection. At first I must admit I was expecting to see a few updates of the beloved bandage dress. You know the one that nearly every factory in China has managed to knock of to infinity and beyond! Although that dress looks flattering on practically everyone, it has become a bit passé in my opinion. Needless to say, this collection was far from my preconceived perceptions.

As you may already know Herve Leger is a brand that pioneers in all things body-con, or body conscious by constructing the dresses in a way that molds to the body. Normally I sometimes feel as though too formfitting can go cheap REALLY FAST depending on how the woman pulls it off, however Herve Leger manages to pull these looks together in a very luxurious and impactful way. I am not sure what kind of fashion witchery was used during development, but all of the pieces not only hugged the frame perfectly but transformed it. The intricate detailing is what captivated me most because it gave the overall collection an otherworldly feel to it. The spring/summer collection oozed sex appeal all while exuding a very powerful form. I mean the models literally sashayed down the runway liked they owned it! this collection celebrates the womanly form, and in a way suggests there is more power than we often realize behind that form. Would you agree? Chime in the comment section below after you watch the show!