As a freelance Fashion Illustrator and Designer I have the amazing opportunity to interact with both up and coming as well as established brands for specific projects. Naturally the nature of the projects differ considerably, and some projects tend to be more rewarding than others. Not to say that my clients are not all awesome, but some projects get me REALLY excited to jump into. Case in point: The Daily Details Beauty bar.

The Daily Details beauty bar, located in Charlotte, NC, offers three core services: blow-outs, Manicures/Pedicures, and facial waxing (because no one likes peach fuzz). The beauty bar guarantees exclusive expert service by using trained specialists only. Furthermore, each specialist is trained rigorously in their specific area, so this ensures that you will always get great and consistent service. If you are anything like me, the one thing I always look for in a great stylist or salon is CONSISTENCY!

Last year I stumbled upon a similar beauty bar in Los Angeles, and decided to take a risk by getting a basic blow out. Naturally, I was nervous because as a woman of color, its a little nerve wrecking to have someone who may not be familiar with your hair texture attempt to style you. In the past I had a woman at the not-so-diverse Ulta salon give me a pixie hair cut. To my horror, when she spun me around in the chair to see her finished work, I looked like a puffy version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Yuck!!!

Luckily the stylist at the beauty bar was awesome, and styled my hair REALLY well. The atmosphere was warm, engaging, and the service felt more personalized that salons I have been to in the past. As soon as my stylist finished I couldn't believe my eyes. I literally felt like Beyonce walking out with the California breeze ever so gently blowing my freshly cut layers in my face! Now who doesn't want to feel like Queen Bey every once in a while! I say that to say I am more than confident that The Daily Details beauty bar will be just as awesome!

If you check out their website, you will see that TDD is all about an enjoyable escape from our busy lives. The design aesthetic consists of clean lines, contemporary decor, and minimal clutter. Normally, I interview my clients before beginning a project, and the founder Kiri explained the reason why she created TDD:

I had been working in Corporate America for the past 4.5 years and saw a need for a convenient place that I could pop into during lunch or in-between meetings to take care of these tasks. After talking with coworkers, friends and family, we all agreed that these were the details in our life that made us feel good and perform better at work but often had to be fit in around all the other facets of our life...alas The Daily Details!
— Kiri, founder of TDD

The TDD motto is: "In. Out. and on-the-go." I love it because it speaks to the many women with busy lives, family responsibilities, careers, and aspirations. The fact that Kiri took a leap of faith to create something that will make most women's live a little bit better is not only awesome, but makes her a true definition of a #girlboss and inspiration. So with that said, my task was to focus on creating Fashion Illustrations of hairstyle options at the beauty bar for their menu of offerings. There are seven key looks that you can select from at the beauty bar to fit your personal style and preferences: The Maverick (Fun Fishtail braid), The High Society (Chic top bun), The Carefree (Tossled ponytail), The Closer (straight and sleek), The Gypsy (Beach babe waves), The 9-5 (Basic blow out with just enough oomph!), and The Showstopper (Big va-va-voom voluminous sexy style). See my work below:


The Daily Details the maverick by schauminchanel
The daily details beauty bar high society by schauminchanel
The Daily Details beauty bar the carefree by schauminchanel
The Daily Details beauty bar the closer by schauminchanel
The Daily details beauty bar the gypsy by schauminchanel
The Daily Details beauty bar the 9-5 by schauminchanel
The Daily Details beauty bar the showstopper by schauminchanel

The final part of my interview with the founder of TDD focused on what she predicted to be an upcoming trend in terms of hair and beauty this coming Fall 2015:

Hair wise, I think big voluminous hair (i.e. The Showstopper) will be big this fall. The overarching trend this fall seems to be seventies, boho look and I think the big hair will add the finishing touch to any ensemble. Brows- we are seeing a trend with full, dark brows that look natural but of course are maintained. Nails- I think cranberries, deep oranges and grey will be big this fall to go along with any outfit.
— Kiri, TDD founder

She happened to touch on a lot of the macro trends I found relevant in my past research for the upcoming season, and would like to my favorite look: Deep berry lips! You can never go wrong with a deep matte lipstick during fall, it has always been my favorite trend, and I find it works with all skin shades. Speaking of trends! As you may already know Fashion week is around the corner, and I wanted to let you know that I will be covering the shows for basic analysis and discussion. Be on the look out for frequent posts during New York Fashion week, as well as other Fashion Weeks, and be prepared to discuss your thoughts with me! Who is your all-time favorite designer, and who are you looking forward to seeing grace the runway this week? Chime in the comment section below! Also, for more information on The Daily Details beauty bar, you can visit their website here, and contact them at