Last year when I officially launched this blog, I felt as if I was unstoppable. I planned out my posts, thought about what my long-term goals for what Design In Session would be, and then it suddenly hit me...reality that is! Or at least that was what I thought it was a few months ago. My love for fashion has always been a passion for me from a very young age.As a kid growing up in a single parent home, I knew all to well about having everything you needed, but not necessarily what you wanted.

Now don't get me wrong, I was and am very grateful for what I had, but my mind imagination had a way of making me want more. I would dream about beautiful clothing, pieces that magazines would run to shoot on their latest cover, and make my peers watch me sway past in awe. I know, it sounds silly, but it was a great way for me to escape a not so fun childhood. Fast forward years later, and I am faced with opposition from my family and guidance counselors from school urging me to choose a more practical career. I was devastated, deflated, and began to assume that working in Fashion was just a childish dream.

I gave into the misinformed perception that working in fashion is a frivolous field to be in, and found "regular jobs" to work at in order to assimilate with others who gave up their dreams for a sense of "security". Long story short, I was ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE, and I stuck out like a soar thumb. Every time I tried to act as if I was happy not working in the fashion industry, I would always run into certain situations and signs that reminded me of who I really was. I finally gave up the facade and decided to take a chance on a career in fashion, which took me to New York, Los Angeles, and back to Atlanta. Looking back, I noticed there were five very tell-tale signs that I was always meant to work in Fashion, and a few creatives that I have met along my journey have related to them as well. So here is how you can tell whether or not you are truly meant to work in fashion (If its not painfully obvious already):


SIGN #1: You are constantly 'in the Know' of the current state of fashion. No matter what, you find yourself constantly gravitating towards the latest fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and popular Instagram accounts for inspiration. Most fashion creatives whether they are designers, stylists, or other key positions in the industry are always on the pulse of whats happening in fashion. Being keenly observant on the subtle shifts in fashion tastes is a strong indicator that you belong in the world of fashion!

SIGN #2: You often find that both friends and strangers are always asking you for fashion styling advice. If you have a very definite style that is unique to you, and you are passionate about finding pieces that fit your signature look, then there is a high chance that you are more inclined to be successful within the fashion industry.

SIGN #3: Your current job or career leaves you feeling bored, unsatisfied, and most importantly uninspired. This feeling never leaves you until you walk out of your organization's building and into a more creative setting. Your coworkers may seem much more interested in their careers, which leaves you wondering how you can get to feel that way to. I can give you a hint: follow your heart, and if you are still reading this post then its safe to say your heart is in fashion!


SIGN #4: You have this undeniable feeling that Fashion Needs You! You look at the current state of fashion and think: "That is ok, but if it were up to me I would..."(fill in the blank with your creative perspective). The main point of this very telling sign is that you have vision. You can see things beyond what other people can see, and if given the opportunity you would show that to the world!

SIGN #5: Despite what people frequent warnings about the competitive and often hard to penetrate nature of the fashion industry, you still find yourself interested in learning more. When the idea of working in the fiercely competitive fashion industry no longer scares you, and you find every way possible to educate yourself on how to move forward, then I think its pretty safe to say that you are a welcomed part of the fashion family! Have you experienced any of the above signs yourself? Be sure to share your experience below in the comment area!


Until next time my friends!