The New York Fashion Week fun continues on as Jeremy Scott brings a burst of fun and color onto the runway. Now I must admit, I have just recently became a fan of Jeremy Scott's artistry. In the past I found it to be too out there, and I didn't really appreciate his work for what it was. Sometimes as a creative, I can genuinely admit that in the past I had a certain idea of what great design is, and anything that was contrary I would dismiss. Not to say I was negative or outspoken about it, but that is what went on in my head whenever I was confronted with a contrary vision. I now know better, and can truly say I expanded that idea by kicking the proverbial walls down in the box I stuck myself into. Fashion is art, and if all art were created to look the same, then life on Earth would be quite a boring one to say the least.

From the moment the dimmed lights became brighter, and the model walked out I sat there with a huge smile on my face. From the deep reverent mood of the Givenchy show to the dark, street smart look from Alexander Wang, NYFW has presented a range of moods and stories. Jeremy Scott's collection was like a brief electric shock that jolts you out of your previous thoughts. This collection like others was from another era, I struggled with the exact era, because for some reason I got late 60's to early 70's, and at times would see pieces that reminded me of the 80's. My former fashion history professor would be very disappointed in me. *sighs*

Many thoughts ran through my head as I watched the live broadcast continue on. The bold prints, mile-high hair, and doll like make up reminded of the film "The Valley of the Dolls" on acid. After a while I simply let go of trying to dissect the collection, and simply enjoy it as it is. My favorite looks were the halter tops and mini-skirts, that swimwear look with the bow, and lets not forget the vintage box tv set handbag LOVEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Take a look at the gallery below, and tell me what you think in the comments section, until next time my friends. Oh also, be sure to check out my YOUTUBE CHANNEL to see most of the full length NYFW shows.