Well hello there my lovely friends, long time no see! Yes I know, I know what you are thinking, I have some serious 'splaining to do!

I promise I have a very good reason for my extended hiatus on here, and will break down the reason in my following post! I have missed writing for this blog, and will make a dedicated effort to write more no matter what the circumstance is. On a positive note, I have some exciting news to share: I JUST PUBLISHED A NEW CLASS ON SKILLSHARE!!! Yes, I have a new labor of love to present the world: Photoshop For Fashion: Transform Your Fashion Sketch in Minutes. I could break down all the reasons why this is a great class to take, but I believe that my trailer video provides a perfect visual of what you can expect! Check it out:

So...what did you think? Could you see yourself taking this class? I sure hope so! Oh, and another perk I forgot to mention are the cool {FREE} bonuses that you get once you sign up, as well as an exclusive steal of a deal for my first book "The Fashion Designer's Ultimate Quick-Step Guide to Photoshop and Digital Painting". Also, by clicking this link, you get Skillshare premium free for 30 days! There are a lot of cool classes on there for a number of different subjects, so I highly recommend! Please stay tuned for the next post, as I have a lot more good news and admissions to make, which would have been too much for one post!