Well hello there beautiful people! As you may already know its the most wonderful time of the year again! No, of course I am not talking about Christmas, which of course is just as wonderful by the way! I am talking about the Fashion world's month-long equivalent to Feliz Navidad! The main difference that lies between the two lies in the fact that during Christmas season your built up excitement is instantly sated after you tear open those gifts, play with your new gadgets, and of course kindly accept yet another pair of fuzzy pajamas (um, thankssss mom.....). Fashion week on the other hand is sort of like the gift that keeps on giving! Each day a set of new and well-seasoned designers graces the runway with the byproduct of their own creative genius. Starting from New York Fashion week, to London, Milan, and Paris, the major fashion weeks provides boundless inspiration for both aspiring designers and fashionistas!

For our first review we will look at one of my personal favorite brands BCBG MAX AZRIA. BCBG MAX AZRIA to the few who are not familiar stands for "Bon Chic, Bon Genre", which is parisian slang for "Good Style, Good Attitude". The fashion powerhouse certainly did not disappoint this season! Its no secret that most fashion trends today are influenced by our past. BCBG's collection nostalgically took us back to the 70's with an eclectic bohemian feel.

The prints, color story, and silhouettes were absolutely stunning! The collection pieces placed together tells an interesting story. It told a story of a young bohemian summer romance with the sleek silhouettes layered underneath boyish over-sized, but beautifully crafted outerwear, with just enough luxurious elements that gives a rich yet thrifty appeal. Each element of the styling was like a key ingredient to some exotic rich tasting dish. You know the type of flavor-packed dishes you can only take in so much before you become overwhelmed? This masterful collection somehow creates the same reaction from me, I appreciate it much more from an á la carte point of view. Take a look below at the gallery and video of the show in case you missed it!

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