The Fashion Designer's Ultimate Quick-Step Guide to Photoshop and Digital Painting is for people who:

  1. Super creative Fashion students, or Fashion enthusiasts with great ideas, but limited sketching ability.

  2. Entry-level fashion designers or Fashion Illustrators with the desire to refine their current level of Illustration/design skills.

  3. Traditional Fashion Illustrators with some experience in Photoshop.

If you want to see a breakdown step-by-step, on even the smallest detail of your unique fashion sketches, you have come to the right place! Scroll down to find out more.


I have to be honest there are a lot of books already published on the market that "introduce" Fashion designers to Photoshop, however most of them are dated in terms of visual execution. Not only that, there are chapters upon chapters you must go through to try to figure out how to create a certain outcome with your sketch. With this book, I condensed all of the need to know tips into printable diagrams to save on time, so you can focus on what is more important: Your sketch! Intermediate users or designer's with some working knowledge of Photoshop will not be bored to tears, as some of the information will be presented as a helpful refresher.





Yes! Absolutely my dear! Within this book I will show you how to:

  1. Manipulate your rough hand-drawn sketches to look better.
  2. Render skin color for a broad spectrum of skin tones and still look REALISTIC.
  3. Render fabric swatches, or create your own fabric textures from scratch.

Get Faster and Better than Everyone Else

 The beauty of Adobe Photoshop is that there are so many different actions you can take in order to create a certain outcome. There are tons of books that cover some the amazing features of Adobe products, but they are usually very broad, and only remotely relate to Fashion design. People who attempt to teach themselves oftentimes wind up getting frustrated, and avoiding the program all together because they don't know what they are doing.With this book, I can eliminate the frustration and overwhelm that inevitably occurs when you are still fairly new to Photoshop. I cut directly to the chase and focus on principles that relate to fashion design and Illustration exclusively.


I remember being up at 2AM with my eyes intensely fixated on my sketchbook as I carefully colored in a custom brocade pattern on a duster coat I designed for my Fashion Illustration course with my Prismacolor markers. My professor was a real shrewd when it came to portfolio presentation, and I was naturally a perfectionist so the pressure was definitely on! Two hours later I put down my pen and admired my hard work and although I was happy with the outcome, I felt there had to be a better way.

A few months later I was introduced to the concept of implementing Photoshop into Fashion Illustration, and was hooked ever since.I purchased several books, watched tutorials, and even attended Adobe's annual Adobe Max  event in Los Angeles, CA. The more advanced I became with Adobe Photoshop, the better my portfolio became.

My portfolio eventually got the attention from companies like Forever 21, BeBe, BCBG, and more based on what they seen from my most recent digital work. Today I still use Photoshop for Fashion Design as well as Graphic Design for personal and professional endeavors for client work. I have taught my friends and some peers on how to excel on Photoshop to reach their individual goals.

                       Meet SchauminChanel

                      Meet SchauminChanel

The Fashion Designer's Ultimate Quick-Step Guide to Photoshop and Digital Painting PDF e-book:

Provides the basic framework needed to enhance or completely transform your hand-sketched illustrations in Photoshop.

The Fashion Designer's Ultimate Quick-Step guide is an easy to follow PDF e-book, which allows for maximum convenience for on-the-go learners. After you complete the payment, you will get instant access to the content without the hassle of shipping costs and waiting. You will also gain instant access to bonus features that come along with the book such as Photoshop files with the illustrations used in the tutorial exercises, Printable shortcut cheat sheets, as well as printable premium fashion figures or Fashion Croquis for your own future design use!

This book is for you if:

  1. You are a fashion designer, illustrator, or innovator who is short on time, but wants to get results from Photoshop.
  2. You are overwhelmed with Photoshop and want clear and concise direction specified exclusively for Fashion design that will get you results.
  3. You aren't particularly "tech savvy" and want someone to break it down for you step-by-step.

Here is what this book will do for you:


Section 1-Getting Started

  • You will be provided with a list of the most important tools that every Fashion designer should have to be effective.
  • Learn how to set-up and leverage Photoshop to work efficiently for your system.
  • You will be provided with an Illustrated quick start action guide detailing all of the most important components within Photoshop.

Section 2- Digitally-Painting Your Sketch

  • Great time saving tips for preparing your sketch for Photoshop.
  • Simple tutorials for creating great visual effects such as realistic hair and skin textures.
  • How to protect the integrity of your sketch while you alter it layer by layer digitally.
  • Learn how to easily leverage Photoshop layers and color management for massive results.
  • Strategies for using your scanned fabric swatches or creating your own digital textures such as sheer or see through fabrics on a sketch.

Section 3- Diversify Your Fashion Croquis

  • Detailed focus on ethnic women of color from neutral brown to the deepest dark brown skin, while preserving the integrity of your sketch detailing.
  • Learn how to implement basic make-up techniques into your painting such as contouring, highlighting, and reverse highlighting for superior results.
  • A system for organizing your layers, groups, and more.

Section 4- Finishing Details

  • My simple quick-step system for adding your finished sketch into a themed background.
  • Simple tutorials for creating great visual background content
  • A list of ideas for ways to enhance your digital and physical portfolio.


To go along with your PDF book, you will also receive access to THREE Photoshop exercise files for quick tutorial follow along, TWO PRINTABLE & TRACEABLE premium female Fashion croquis or fashion figure templates to get your creative juices flowing and future project use, as well as Printable Cheat Sheets full helpful Photoshop Shortcut Commands & more!

By far one of the best digital illustrators I have seen working in fashion. Many people are able to coast through on their current ability, but not her; You can tell that there is a will-power to constantly learn and develop her rich talents that are already present.

Not only is she able to design effectively, she is also has the ability to make her fashion asthetically pleasing to the outside world without having to contact third-party graphic artists.
Schaumin is one of the brightest, most dedicated and passionate people that I have ever worked with! Her focus and level of integrity are incredible. No matter what her task is, she can get the job done—and done well.

So I know what you may be thinking...

Is there anything in this book that I don't already know, or that I couldn't find online for free?

Well let's be honest, you can probably find any information that you want to online, but it doesn't mean that finding it will be easy, and it's definitely not always the most accurate or up-to-date source. This book will eliminate the hassle of wasting precious time and effort that would need to go into finding answers in this manner.

Is it worth the Money?

Let me ask you a more important question: How valuable is your time? This book can easily save you days, if not weeks of time researching and learning how to use Photoshop for Fashion.

How long will this take?

The answer to this question totally depends on you and your personal goals. I believe if you dedicate a couple of hours a day, you can master the basics in as little as a week.

This book sounds cool and all, but I don't know how to draw very well.

That is totally fine. We all have to start somewhere! The bonuses I provided along with the book will help you to start learning how to draw. You can also purchase premium traceable Fashion Croquis or Fashion Figure templates to sketch out your ideas more easily.


Consider these 5 facts right now:


  1. You have great designs and ideas, but your Photoshop skills need a bit of fine-tuning.
  2. I'm offering you a shortcut so that you can save a ton of time and get straight to the results.
  3. I will teach you strategies that no one else is teaching to diversify your digital design skills.
  4. You don't have to be the best artist to successfully complete this book and end up with great results.
  5. This book will not only increase your confidence about your designs, but also improve the overall look of your portfolio.

Stop wasting your time.

Start getting the results YOU WANT and DESERVE.

Get the Fashion Designer's Ultimate Quick-Step Guide to Photoshop and Digital Painting for a limited time price of only $34.99 (REGULARLY PRICED $49.99)